ΑρχικήΣυνεντεύξειςΚαλλιτέχνεςJ Alvarez, the latin urban singer in his interview for Young People.

J Alvarez, the latin urban singer in his interview for Young People.


Javid David Alvarez Fernández known in the art world as J Alvarez, born in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico on 13 December 1983. His inspiration in music began in the Hip-Hop English groups such as «A Tribe Called Quest» «Busta Rhymes» and others. At the age of 12, he sang for the first time in front of his classmates and teachers. DJ Nelson was the first person who support J Alvarez and gave him advices to reach the top.

Jay has become the first artist of the new generation to have a digital demand in major urban pages obtaining to conquer Colombia, United States, Spain, etc.Alvarez is the author of a number of issues which are «Regálame One Night» with Arcangel, Sex Sweat and Heat with Ñejo and Dalmata, Ponte Pa me, Dancer, All of Me, among others. He also has his own clothing line LaCimaWear.com.

Official WebSite: http://www.jalvarezmusic.com/

The Interview Of J Alvarez in Young People

Who is J Alvarez?

J Alvarez is a latin urban singer (Reggaeton, Hip Hop & Trap), a romantic, that day to day is proving his talent. Thanks to his loyal fanbase, he has been able to conquer audiences in all parts of the world with his music.

How have you evolved as an artist over the years?

As an artist, you never stop evolving, since my first song, I have constantly transformed in my career, and molded myself into the artist I have become today in order to continue giving my fans the best of me and my music.

What do you feel is the best educational preparation for this career?

Each artist is different, some of them go to school and prepare, others, like me, are born with a talent, that continues to evolve during your career.

Many successful fellow singers have recognised your talent in music. How do you feel about that?

For me, it is an honor that I have many friends in the industry, not only in the urban genre, but also in other musical genres that always give their support and have allowed me to collaborate with them in one way or another, and for that I am thankful to GOD for all of the wonderful opportunities.

Do you think that acceptance is more important from the people or from your fellow singers?

For me, the public is the most important, the real fans, those that listen to your music, write to you, like your pictures in social media, go to your events, those are the ones that truly make you an artist. When you watch the concert «Alvarez Unplugged» online and you see that your followeres keep on adding up, you start to gain respect and support from your colleagues as well.

What moment of your career is the most important for you?

The most important moment in my career is when I step foot on a stage to give my all to the loyal fans in order for them to leave satisfied with my show, and also when I am in the recording studio, creating the next hit.

How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

In my shows, my staff is prepared for every show in the same way, with the same guidelines. If something were to happen unexpectedly, we improvise and do the best we can. We will usually know something did not come out right, but we try for the audience to never notice, my staff is my extended family and are part of my success.

How would you categorize the evolution of reggaeton since the 1990s?

In the 90’s, the genre «Reggaeton» did not exist, it was a movement knows as Rap and Reggae underground. As it became more commercial, it blew up and became what we now know as «Reggaeton». My opinion is that all of the artists since the beginning and today, have all planted a seed to make this genre the huge success it has become.

How important is image?

Image is everything in this business, you have to maintain your own style and character, and that evolves during your career.

Tell us about your latest work... 

My most recent production is titled «Big Yauran», it is a mixtape of TRAP. At the beginning of my career, I was a rapper, then I evolved into Reggaeton. With Big Yauran, I go back to my roots and tell the story of Javid Alvarez, a young dreamer that after many obstacles in his life, he makes his dreams come true. Every video of «Big Yauran» is based on the cronology of my life in all of the songs. I hope that fans will love this album and that they will ask for more rap from me.

What are your plans for the future?

I will continue working hard in my career, evolving, and creating good music, travel the world, thanks to the fans that support me. I also will continue developing artists and producers of my company On Top Of The World Music and expanding my clothing line LaCimaWear.com in addition to a few surprises

You have a lot of fans in USA, Mexico, Spain etc. Do you have any plans for Greece? Are you going to have a concert in Greece?

I would love to visit greece, that depends however on the fans, it would be great for them to continue asking for my music in clubs, radio and to promoters. If they do this, I will promise to be there and give my best to everyone there. For now, you can download all of my music on my official APP in ITUNES and Play Store.

Notice: All material , photos and video which were used for the interview in Young People, are from the personal file of J Alvarez.


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