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OMI ‘s interview in Young People. The singer with influences from pop, reggae and reggae fusion.

At the end of his interview in Young People, he advises us that we should listen to the right advice from the right people.

OMI is a musician who cares about people around him and he has passion for music. As he says in his interview, he creates music to make people feel happy and he adds that he would like to do so in his later life, even from a nursing home. At the end of his interview in Young People, he advises us that we should listen to the right advice from the right people.

OMI (Omar Samuel Pasley) was born in Jamaica. He is a worldwide known singer and his music is so characteristc. His song “Cheerleader”, which was written and produced by OMI, reached the top in 20 countries such as US, Australia etc. His latest song called “Never” which is a collabaration with Marcus and Martinus.

The Interview Of OMI In Young People.

Describe yourself. Who is OMI?

Ans. OMI is just a really easy going guy who really cares for the people around me, values friendship, loves God and last but not least very passionate about music.

As a teenager you lived for theree years in New York. Did this “experience” affected you?

Ans. I’ve been asked that question so many times when strangely enough, I’ve never lived in New York. Somehow that story got mixed up.

What do you like the most and the least in this job? If you had the chance, would you change something in this job?

Ans. The thing i like the most about this job is, i get to do what i love, make music that makes people happy. They say if you love, you will never work a day in your life so I’m living what i love. The thing i like the least is that with the fame comes a lot of pressure too. I wouldn’t change anything, even if l had the chance to.

Your song “Cheerleader” reached the top. However, do you thing that is this song that represents you as a singer?

Ans. I don’t think it does actually, as im always doing music all day everyday that expresses me as a person and a singer. However, I’m very grateful at the fact that it’s my biggest hit single.

If you were owner of a record company, why would you choose a guy like you to join to your company potential?

Ans. The reason why I would choose a guy like me to work with is because I’m a very easy guy to deal with, I like to grow in every aspect of my work and always willing to learn as I go.

Recently, you release your new song “Never” with Marcus and Martinus. Tell us about the song and the cooperation.

Ans. Umm well I heard the song from it’s early stages and liked it instantly. Their team contacted my team expressing interest in having me collaborate on the track and the rest is history. The results feels like magic.

Your music is so characteristic. How do you feel when the audience recognize your song from the first notes?

Ans. It’s always a great feeling, it gives me a feeling of identity and acknowledgment from the fans.

Which is your biggest dream about your carrer?

Ans. The biggest dream of my career is longevity, my biggest dream is to be able to make music from my nursing home. Music for life.

Have you scheduled a show in Greece?

Ans. Maybe ill be there soon, you never know. I just want ever fan of mine in Greece to know I’m coming soon so look out, I’m ready to come have some fun with you all.

What advice you wourld give to the Young People who want to pursue this career?

Ans. Id say to them, seek the right advice from the right people. Experience teaches wisdom and the only way we learn is by listening.

Video OMI

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Notice: All material, photos and video which were used for the interview in Young People, are from the personal file of OMI.

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